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We're redefining business with our Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. Explore, engage, and elevate your brand, store or project in our immersive, photorealistic virtual world.

Eyetencity World is the premier gateway to Web 3.0. As a pioneering force in the Metaverse-as-a-Service sector, Eyetencity leverages blockchain technology to construct an immersive digital universe designed as a marketing and sales platform for businesses.


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About Us

About Us

Eyetencity empowers businesses to reach their full potential in the digital sphere. Our experienced management team is composed of pioneers in various fields, including fashion industry, retail, wholesale, PR, brand marketing, Music & Movie industry, eCommerce, and luxury real estates.

Guided by their collective expertise, Eyetencity curated a world where brands and businesses can thrive in the Metaverse, blending innovation with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

From the presentation and sale of real estate to the setup of customized online shops and marketplaces, Eyetencity World simplifies the complexities of the Web3 transition.

As trailblazers in the Metaverse-as-a-Service arena, our mission is to reshape the online business landscape, offering unparalleled, transformative experiences.

Media matters

Eyetencity creates powerful backlinks to boost your google ranking

That is businesses are so eager to collect those media batches and interview spots. Eyetencity has exclusive collaborations with leading media outlets around the world helping businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their brand  through trusted media exposure that reaches millions of people. Eyetencity creates powerful backlinks to boost your google ranking.

What sets us apart from other public relation and marketing services is that our team is not only PLACING clients in top media and social media but is also PRODUCING  exclusive content and even prime time shows , from  FOX (US)  to CNN  ( international).

On the podcast front  Founder’s Story is in the top 15 of the US Business Podcasts.

And our teams’ 400k + real followers on social media are there to support our clients where is matters.

Present your Real Estate Projects for Sale - in photorealistic 3D

Luxury Villa, Bulgaria

620m² - 3 Bed - 2 Bath

Gym – Cinema – Pool

3.500.000 EUR

Apartment, Turkey

110m² - 2 Bed - 2 Bath

Concierge – Gym

380.000 USD

Luxury Villa, Dubai

350m² - 3 Bed - 2 Bath

Seaview – Pool - Gym

2.800.000 USD

Showcasing & Sales

Embrace the new era of digital real estate showcasing and sales

Welcome to the future of real estate with Eyetencity World, a cuttingedge platform that revolutionizes how you showcase and sell your luxury real estate projects.
unique Metaverse platform combines artificial intelligence, advanced 3D graphics, and NFTs, offering an immersive, interactive environment that goes beyond traditional marketing methods

luxury real estate

Take your luxury real estate business into the future

Present Properties in Photorealistic Detail

Eyetencity World features photorealistic 3D rendering that allows potential buyers to explore properties in stunning detail.
very detail of your luxury property can be experienced as if they were physically there.

Interactive Property Tours

Move beyond static photos and videos. Allow clients to take selfguided virtual tours, changing design elements like flooring or fixtures in realtime. It’s not just viewing a propertyit’s experiencing it.

Eyetencity World Offers

Eyetencity World offers

Eyetencity World offers a variety of options for your needs

Photorealistic 3D

photorealistic 3D

Present your Real Estate Projects

Present your Real Estate Projects for Sale - in photorealistic 3D

Are you ready to redefine commerce and step into the future of retail?

Online Shop

Online shop

Open your Onlineshop in our Luxury Mall in 3D!

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Shop Hybrid

shop hybrid

The world's first real shop hybrid of 2D and 3D

Select a Shop Design from the growing Catalogue of 3D Shop Designs (including a 2D Shop with a powerful backoffice, customers billing, statistics, etc. )

Upload product catalogue

Configuration of the shop made easy with the Eyetencity Shop Wizard

Welcome first customers the same day

Affiliate System

Affiliate System

Revolutionary Affiliate System

Discover Eyetencitys’ innovative Match Making System to connect Brands, Retailers, Affiliate Partners and Influencers instantly!

Tens of thousands of Influencers and Micro Influencers (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) simply post and promote attractive branded products from the huge product catalog of their favorite retail stores and brands and immediately receive up to 20% of the net sales price of each item sold.




Management Team

Andreas Becker

Founder & CEO

Nadja Atwal


Manoj Nandakumar

Chief Technology Officer

Falko Fugel

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Robbins

Advisor & Global Community Oversight

Frank Junghahn

Director - 3D Art & Events

Charise Booysen

Project Manager - Eyetencity Metaverse

Taewoo (Terry) Kim

Head of Development - Metaverse Backend

Taha Mustafa

Head of 3D Visualization

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Contact Us

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Our Offices

Our Offices

Duesseldorf - Istanbul - New York - Los Angeles - Dubai - Manila - Varna

Eyetencity stands with its powerful technology and e-commerce platform at the side of local retailers – worldwide


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